We employ a proprietary discovery platform to ascertain the gut microbiome’s role in diseases and disorders with a level of specificity that is unequaled. Our approach facilitates the discovery of biomarkers and the development of precision therapeutics.

The platform is comprised of the following:

  • Collection of stool samples following rigorous quality control standards to minimize disruption of native populations
  • Comprehensive assessment of the diversity and functionality of the GI tract microbiota in collected stool samples
  • Collection and association of medical, dietary, and environmental metadata with each stool sample
  • Identification of biomarkers for disease and disorders - utilizing Machine Learning technologies (ML) to identify associations and correlations in the data
  • Identification and optimization of lead targets for the development of targeted therapeutics - achieved through the application of Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) utilizing proprietary models of microbial populational dynamics and responses to prescribed interventions


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